Delta Travel Net Number

No information is available for this page.Learn why.The Delta employee that issued me the buddy pass is on business travel and therefore cannot update my listing for me. I went to the airport with my Record Locator number hoping that they would be able to update my listing but they were not able to update it for me they said that my original listing was too .C. Press if you are a Delta employee, retiree or survivor. D. Enter your PPR digit Passport ID Delta employee number and press, . E. Enter your Other Benefits. Pass Travel. TravelNet logon assistance. Travel dependents assistance. Travel billing, employee award travel, all other. Press. Revised July ..Anyone know the delta non rev number that you call to list yourself on delta flights? thanks. I ve been using which takes you to the travelnet phone system. What s the difference i m not a delta employee and do not have a “pass rider number” so those two numbers aren t working for me..